Quick wins and cute little spice tins

My 35 summer goals have increased to 38, which is fine because they are goals that should have been included anyway, milestone goals, like “prepare for week-long business trip”. I’m not just randomly getting distracted by shiny things and ideas, I have them, but then I re-focus on what I wrote down and committed to for this summer.

While I wouldn’t say it was a deliberate strategy (though it should have been), I made time somewhat spontaneously to accomplish a quick, easy and most importantly FUN goal. Organize my spice drawer.

I’ve been saving these round tins from Dean &Deluca for years now, I received them full of candies as a corporate gift, and had accumulated a set of 24, but they were just taking up space and not being used so I finally decided to do something about it.

I’m not super crafty, and these labels are definitely not a permanent solution, but I like that I actually up-cycled one of the many things types of cool containers I stumble across. I have actually gotten a lot better since reading ‘Tidying Up’ – metal coffee cans are still tough to part with – but I’m learning! đŸ™‚

This didn’t take long, a run through the dishwasher, some spot treatment with goo-gone to get the labels off, and then an enjoyable session at the dining table with colored pencils, sharpies and standard Avery labels. I’m not looking to create something I’m going to sell on pinterest, and I know I will change these eventually to something more complicated, but for now I decided “why wait?” they are going be a heck of a lot more useful with simple labels than they are sitting around empty taking up space.

The quick win – the satisfaction of crossing something off the list. That felt good and it helps keep me going to achieve the bigger, more daunting organizing goals.



Summer Goals

I’ve heard it so many times before, time bound tasks and goals so they are easier to achieve. The only problem is when something doesn’t really have to be done by a certain date, and I know that, then it’s really easy to one of two things. Either make up really unrealistic due dates in a manic “I AM GETTING ORGANIZED RIGHT NOW” fit, or postpone all tasks indefinitely until the goal fades away.

When the due date is based on my own reality though, that is when things really do get accomplished. I have this summer off, not entirely, I still have to go to work every day, but other commitments in my life are on hold until the fall, meaning I have a real “time-bound” chunk of time to accomplish what I want during the summer before those commitments restart in late August.

Knowing this, it was much easier to actually set goals. The biggest being, what this blog is all about, finally, once and for all sorting through all of the stuff I’ve accumulated over the years. Trash it. Donate it. or. Sell it.

By the end of the summer, the entire attic in our home will be cleared of all but the essentials, everything else moved to the work space for the great purge to begin. Piece by piece, memory by memory, every unfinished project and lost hobby will be addressed and assigned a final resting spot in my life. Of course, I have to be realistic, so the goal is to have the attic done, and the process of sorting through all of this stuff normalized by the end of the summer.

We took the first big step today. I planned it a few days in advance, started to get the SO on board with using the long weekend to clean out the attic. He sees the benefit though, so today we filled the car twice with stuff. We can see the floor!


Does it bring me joy?

I tried the Konmari method of organizing for the first time today. Started with clothing, and considering that I have an entire second house full of stuff, I figured I’d take the slow learner path recommended in the book, “the life changing magic of tidying up”. Meaning I didn’t dare take on all of my clothes, just my tops. All of them, summer and winter. The whole process took about 90 minutes, a little longer than the hour I had planned.

Do I feel great in this, if not, it goes. It was actually much easier than it sounded and once I got going, it was much easier to let go.

One full bag including what was already in the donate pile and 2 items for sale.

Every top I own laid out on the bed, the whole process took about 90 minutes.