The satisfaction of a still-clean kitchen table

This strategy is evolving as I’m experiencing and observing it simultaneously. It’s alway been a conscious effort to deliberately watch and document how I interact with my space. I’ve read about tactics where people carry around colored dot stickers and they place a sticker on everything they touch for a week. For me, it’s easier to just write about my space.

I’m pleased to report that things held together during a busy 2 weeks. We hopped on and off the wagon throughout two illnesses and a whole lotta hurricane stress. Is it perfect? No. But I’ve accepted that it’s on its way.

The landing pad concept is working for me. I’ve identified all of them, and then decided it if was my landing area, my husband’s or shared. I’m starting with mine, I should focus first on what I know I can control. After the clean kitchen table success, the landing area next to my meal spot is the perfect first landing pad in need of my attention. Mail, magazines, meeting notes, coupons and all sorts of just stuff collects there.  I’m hyper focused on keeping it clear, and making time bound rules about what comes through that area.

This doesn’t mean that another landing area in my home isn’t picking up the slack, some of the stuff is homeless, and is being added to a growing pile in the living room! But other stuff is not. Newspapers now have a time limit, if I haven’t read them, oh well. I don’t know what has changed in me that I’m now able to to do that. I do hope to figure it out though because accepting the obvious isn’t my forte’. I figure one landing area at a time, one room at a time, every day and eventually I’ll have enough information myself to figure it out, and if I don’t, a cute basket will suffice.


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