A clean kitchen table and a quick dinner

My landing area plan has been working in fits and starts. The truth is, I rebel, I’m rebellious and I rebel against my own plans. It’s absurdity at its finest. And, I had strep throat, so combine the two and no, I have not been regularly addressing each landing area in each room. However, I have been consciously paying attention. And I think that may be the difference this time.

The bullet journal people are onto something, habit tracking helps. Blogging helps, they both bring a kind of accountability even though it’s anonymous and rarely seen.

The schedule helps too, especially in the menu planning. There are 10 basic meal types that we rotate through, Monday is Pasta and Sauce and Monday 2 is a Buddah Bowl. Easy as that, the choices were limited to those two categories, making the choice much easier. Pasta a sauce it was, I had home canned sauce from our summer harvest, and italian (soy) sausage ready to just be tossed in with the sauce. Before my new approach, I would have spent way too much time on Pinterest looking up exotic possibilities.

So, the biggest landing area in the house – the kitchen table. It’s a catch all for everything and slowly, things build until the amount of space that we have to eat gets smaller and smaller. Small walls of magazines, mail, receipts, screws and pruners, butt up against the napkin holder until finally, one day, I lose it. Except, not today.

Today, was the culmination of many weeks, slowly editing, slowing visiting week by week until today, it was a quick, “hey – do you think we can get the rest of this stuff off the table by dinner?” was all that it took.

So tonight, I’m going to bed having made a homemade dinner from our own farm produce AND a spotless kitchen table.

Now, I am going to test the “broken window” theory, the idea that one unfixed broken window gives “permission” for the upkeep of the neighborhood to go downhill. According to Home Comforts, the same applies in the home so if I refrain from clutter, the other clutter bug will, too until one of us gives “permission” and the others accepts it. This is a shared landing pad and it feels good to have it cleared.



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