11 landing areas – in one small room

First, on the journey to habit building, I took the first step this week. I tracked my housekeeping habits, complete or not, every day this week. This is a win for me, I usually get all gung ho about a tracking tool, ahem, My Fitness Pal, I’m talking about you, and then as soon as I’m “bad” I don’t want to admit it, and just stop tracking. I didn’t do that. I also didn’t do everything on my list every day that I said I was going to do it. But I did keep track of what I did and have a pretty straightforward system for keeping track of what I did accomplish, which will help define next week’s task.

I wrote about this before, the philosophy of Konmari, to only keep items that “spark joy” is appealing and I’m dedicated to it. But the tactic of implementing all at once as quickly as possible was too overwhelming for me. So my approach is slightly different. I’ve visited every room of my home and identified the landing pads, intentional and not so much. I have 11 landing pads in my kitchen alone, and even though it’s probably quite boring, for anyone who has read this far, I’m guessing that you will not be bored by this list at all, so here goes:

  1. Corner of the kitchen table – my side
  2. corner of the kitchen table – DH’s side
  3. Floor in front of the china cabinet
  4. Top of the sideboard
  5. Island
  6. open shelves next to back door
  7. counter in front of the bread box
  8. top of the bread maker
  9. counter top under the windows
  10. Corner cabinet open shelf

These are places where clutter build up, where things collect, and one of the many, many, many places that I need to look when I am trying to find something that may (or may not) even be in this room.

Eleven. One room. There’s 9 in the living room, 1 in the bathroom, and another 9 in my office! The goal is, to visit them, study them, eliminate the ones that I can, and make the others as attractive as possible and put them on a regular schedule of being “dealt with”. And “dealt with” can be defined, and redefined, each week as I purposely and mindfully, spend time with my space.

So that’s my first full week, five out of seven days, I visited the room, I selected tasks, I completed them and I kept a record of it. I didn’t do everything, I don’t have to do everything, over time, order will present itself, solutions will pop into my mind and everything will have a place and a time.


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