Celebrate Sucess

The idea that I am writing about organization is comical, its just not something that I am very good at, yet I’ve been trying and trying and one thing that I’ve discovered is  writing about it, either on a keyboard or with a pen, keeps me motivated to continue to do it. Not sure if it works that way for anyone else, but it does for me.

So this year I embarked on #Konmari, or maybe dabbled is a better way to put it. I started diligently and like so many times before, I slowed down and thing started to build back up again. I just skipped over a ton of categories and edited my Christmas decorations. I went from socks to sentimental – and it feels pretty darn good.

One of the motivations that I am discovering is that I want to entertain in our home more. We had an Independence day party this year, we invited people over and served them ice-cream and showed them fireworks and had a good time. And now, we’re even thinking about having some sort of December holiday party. Over time, I haven’t been acknowledging my successes. I haven’t taken notice that while I have not completely transformed my home – we’ve made considerable progress and that is something. I’ve also been inspired somewhat by the invitations I’ve received into others homes of others, some of my older friends, who have presumably learned the lesson that life is too short to not invite people over simply because you’re home is cluttered!

The in-law’s came to visit, friends came over a few times, and we’re considering the idea of inviting people over for a New Year’s event. I’d say that’s progress in the right direction.






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