Another way to answer “does it bring me joy?”

It’s a hard question, Konmari says to go through this process quickly. After the tops exercise, I believe a year could be considered quickly.

I definitely kept more than what brings me joy. I did all of my laundry, went through every top, made the decision, folded each piece with care, and stored in a visually pleasing way. And what did I learn, what I chose to wear first is what really bright me joy and when I decided to laundry because I missed what was dirty. When laundry was more attractive than wearing what was left in my drawers, I knew I had kept too much.

Now the question is, do I redo step one, apparel/tops or continue with bottoms/pants,shorts, and skirts? I think continuing on is the best approach for me. Continuously increasing the amount of space I have “empty” is attractive and motivating to me.


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