Why so many tops?

I’ve been living with konmari baby step 1 for about 2 weeks. Every top was washed and sorted and what I thought were the joyful tops were put back, space is tight, very tight. I paid careful attention to what I chose to wear first and what I left behind until later. Conclusion, a good portion of my tops serve only one purpose, to delay the doing of laundry, I kept them only because they fit. They are not joyful, they are back ups that aren’t worn out, they are what I wear when what I really want to wear is dirty.

Live with the first konmari baby step before moving on. It’s 90 degrees and I’ve still got winter clothes on my closet, but had I rushed through, I would not have realized that I was keeping more than what is joyful to me.

I’m moving on to “bottoms”, again, it feels easier to just go through what’s hanging in the closet, but I took it out like the book said. Konmari says to do this work all at once, I agree but must point out that everyone’s definition of all at once is different. Don’t go months between steps, but at the same time, enjoy the fruits of your labour and live with your accomplishment for a little while. 
In my case it showed me that I was holding on to much more than what truly brought me joy. That revelation will make baby step 2, bottoms, much much easier to finish.


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